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Video Clips

Video Clips

Right click on the the file you would like to watch, select open link, and ENJOY!

1. Being A Teacher - Halifax Comedy Festival

Download Being A Teacher.wmv

2. Pregnant Men - Comics

Download 2. Pregnant Men - Comics.wmv

3. Me and the Students

Download 3.Me and the Students.wmv

4. TV Host - Grumps - Men TV

Download 4.TV Host - Grumps -  Men TV.wmv

5. TV Acting, Martin and Lewis - CBS Movie of the Week

Download 5.TV Acting, Martin and Lewis - CBS Movie of the Week.wmv

6. TV Reporter - City TV

Download 6.TV Reporter - City TV.wmv

7. Etienne - World's Greatest Male Model

Download 7.Etienne - World's Greatest Male Model - City TV.wmv