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Steve Brinder


Not only is Steve Brinder one of Canada’s finest stand-up comedians, he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.


His warm engaging personality is reflected in his performing.


Steve is a person of many talents. As well as being a stand up comedian Steve is a school teacher, a TV host, a TV reporter and an actor.


His acting ability makes his stories come alive with the many characters that inhabit his routines. He has a keen observational eye, impeccable timing and devastating wit. Full of energy and full of life, Steve is a joy to watch on stage.


Steve has performed at the Evening At The Improv (Los Angeles, A & E Networks), Cityline (reporter CITY TV) Breakfast Television ( reporter CITY TV) Just Kidding (Host CTV) Grumps (Host Men TV), The Martin and Lewis Story (Lead Actor CBS Movie of the Week), Winnipeg Comedy Festival (performer CBC) ,Halifax Comedy Festival, and numerous community, corporate, and educational functions.


He has performed with Jim Carrey, Jay Leno, Howie Mandel, Sean Hayes, Ryan Styles, Alan Alda and Keannu Reeves among others.


Steve believes that we are all connected, sharing common experiences from childbirth, school, teenage angst, break ups and marriage. He touches on all these subjects in his material. Steve is fascinated by the reasons people act the way they do and searches for ways we can make life fuller.


He touches on some of the most elemental truths. The values we learned in school are still important to us as adults in both our social relationships and in our professional lives.


Steve still continues to teach occasionally because he finds the students ground him and, of course, teaching continues to generate fresh material.


No one has a better time performing on stage than Steve.


He is the real deal.